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        Steam Boiler

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        SZS Oil (Gas) Fired Steam / Hot-Water Boiler

        Product Range

        Rated evaporation: 3t/h - 1OOt/h
        Rated steam pressure: l.OMPa - 5.4MPa
        Rated thermal power: 2.8MW - 90MW
        Specific parameters are shown in Table 2

        Structural features of this series of products

        • The water pipe steam boiler adopts double/triple drum of D type or Structure type of membrane wall furnace. The whole boiler consists the boiler body on the top/in the middle, the lower water drum, the membrane water wall, the convective heat transfer tube bundle, the superheater, the tail economizer and the condenser.
        • The firebox adopts full-film water wall structure with good sealing with no air leakage and less heat dissipation.
        • Convection tube bundle with one stroke can reduce the side resistance of flue gas, optimize the design of economic flow rate, micro-positive pressure combustion, and improve the heat transfer efficiency.
        • It has larger furnace volume, cross-section width and length size, and is suitable for various burner layout and it is convenient arrangement of multiple burners.

        Parameters Table 2

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